Donna Smith Delivers Keynote at Wharton China Business Society Event

Donna Smith Keynote Speaker - WCBS

WCBS Chinese Media & Entertainment Panel, with Keynote speaker Donna Smith, was a great success. The expert panel, moderated by Elizabeth Harrington of the Hurun Report, included Donna Smith, Sarah Annas, CEO of FMX New Media, entertainment attorney, Derek Dessler, and entertainment strategist, Eric Mark.

The Wharton China Business Society’s Director of Events, Simona Shao, and her team delivered an outstanding event, that was expertly run and well attended.

Donna Smith’s Keynote was a whirlwind tour of her groundbreaking work with Chinese filmmakers, and included a fascinating insider’s account of her work with renowned Director Ang Lee on the making of CROUCHING TIGER/HIDDEN DRAGON, which was nominated for 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and won Best Foreign Language Film (Taiwan), Best Art Direction, Best Original Score and Best Cinematography. The film also won four BAFTAs and two Golden Globe Awards, one for Best Foreign Film.

Donna Smith Keynote Speaker at Wharton China Business Society
Pictured from left: Zoe Qiao, (Senior Associate Director, The Wharton School ), Sarah Annas (Panelist, CEO of FMX New Media), Donna Smith (Keynote), Kathryn Mackie, (Guest, Screenwriter) Producer Elizabeth Harrington, (Event Moderator, U.S. Publisher at Large for the Huron Report), Ulan Shao, (Special Guest, proud Mom of Simona Shao – Director of Events, Wharton China Business Society)


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