Bali International Film Festival – Sept. 2017


Donna Smith will be in Bali during September for Balinale – the 2017 Bali International Film Festival. This year’s film festival will be held from September 24 – 30.

Donna has a longstanding association with the Bali film festival and founder, Deborah Gabinetti. Donna has supported Balinale as a keynote speaker, panelist, and adviser.

Donna Smith with Balinale Founder Deborah Gabinetti
Donna Smith with Balinale Founder Deborah Gabinetti

About Balinale

Recognized around the world for the diversity of its programming consisting of Indonesian and international independent and award winning fiction, documentary, feature and short films, it is also credited for the quality of the associated events where filmmakers enjoy Balinale’s relaxed and familiar manner informally meeting to discuss films, trends and the demands of a growing fast paced industry.

Balinale is known for its specialized knowledge and importance in promoting Indonesian cinema acting as a platform and history of supporting established and aspiring local filmmakers with workshops and seminars as an important part of the program along with international filmmakers who continue each year to help us achieve our goals of bringing together a gathering of global creativity.

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